Last week, we showed you a recent Cabinet World kitchen that combined elements on warmth and modernity. Today, we want to highlight a few of those details. They really took the design from cold and simple to clean and inviting.

A great way to make sure your room has warmth is by adding natural elements. Here, the homeowners use the island as a place to bring in some wood tones to add life to their kitchen. They opted for a butcher block counter on part of their eat-in kitchen island. Adding natural wood tones automatically brings warmth to the design. Additionally, mismatched wooden stools at the island were a smart choice in this area. The color coordinates with the butcher block counter well and the mismatched design shows off a little personality.

Next, another area to add a natural feel is in the flooring. The wood-grain tile was a smart choice. The tile mimics a hardwood floor in an area where you wouldn’t want hardwood. It adds softness and texture to the design.

Finally, our homeowners added warmth to their kitchen with a strategic color choice in the island’s cabinetry. They opted for a dark navy. The rich, dark color is a nice contrast from white used in the rest of the kitchen.

Add warmth to your design by bringing in natural fibers and finishes. Be sure to include richer tones as well to contrast with bright, modern colors.

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