Doing a kitchen makeover, no matter how large or small, is full of decisions to make! It can seem daunting to pick finishes and hardware for every surface in the space. Before you throw in the tea towel, make sure to save some energy to choose a backsplash for your new kitchen. This small area can pack a punch and add a lot of personality to the room where your family spends so much time.

Although there are endless options, lately the designers at Cabinet World have been doing a lot of glass tile backsplashes. The glass tile catches the light and brightens up the under-cabinet area that can get a little dark. The glass tile is available is thousands of colors, shapes and sizes so you can chose to go neutral or bright.

In this kitchen from the home of a real Cabinet World customer, a neutral glass tile mosaic backsplash compliments the cabinets, counters, trim and appliances in the room. Our interior designers really are the heroes here, they do such a great job at finding the perfect tile to tie everything together! They were able to make the small space feel large, efficient and beautiful.


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