Do you ever feel like your closets are always out of control? That no matter what you do, they never seem to stay clean, despite your best efforts? We understand there are times when life gets busy and you can’t clean, organize, and sort everything at the end of the day like you want to, but having a system in place that is not only easy to follow but easy to keep up with is the best way to make sure your closets stay neat and organized throughout the year. It just takes doing it right one time to set yourself up for success. Here are three reasons why your closets are never clean and how to take charge in the crusade for cleanliness.

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Reason 1: You save everything. There are sentimental items that we can’t part with, so we don’t expect you to part with them either; however, there has to be a line drawn in the sand. Try to keep things that are functional and that you actually want to make space for in your home. For example: if you have recently purchased a replacement for a worn out or broken item, toss the original. If you received a gift that you’ll never use, donate it or exchange it for something you’d actually use. If you have three pairs of black shoes, keep the pair you always reach for and get rid of the ones you never wear.

Reason 2: You’re overwhelmed. Many of us have let the problem go until we can’t stand it any longer. Then, it seems like a daunting task to even get started. If you’ve gotten to the point where you’re kicking items under the bed or praying you won’t be buried under an avalanche of sweaters when you reach for the one on the bottom of the stack, you’re likely ignoring the problem. Set aside 15 minutes to start a small project. Clean out your socks or something without much emotional attachment. You’ll feel energized and ready to tackle something with more gravitas when you’ve finished that section.

Reason 3: You’re making the system too complicated. Even though we love the look of caddies and labels and perfectly coordinated storage bins, they aren’t necessary for good organization. The only way you’ll actually get use out of your organizational system is to make it work for you. In other words: don’t try to fit your items into a box; instead, fit a box around your items. Talk to our professionals about what you want to store and sort and we’ll be happy to make a custom solution that works with your family’s needs.

When it comes to keeping your closets clean, these few things will set you up for success so you can keep them organized once and for all. Make sure you’re keeping what you want to make space for, you don’t let the problem go too long, and your system works for you.

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