If you work from home full time, or just need a space to pay bills and store your book collection, a home office needs to be functional and comfortable. Ample storage is a must, but beyond that, the style choices are endless! We have over 2,700 door/finish styles to choose from, plus stock and semi-custom cabinetry. Once you’re able to narrow down the style you’d like in your home, our designers will work with you to make sure the space meets your needs.

When creating your home office space, don’t neglect the details. Here are our top 5 tips on creating a home office that you love spending time in (from Mashable and Forbes):

  1. Location, Location, Location! If you work from home full-time, you’re going to be spending as much time in your office as you do in the rest of the house. Don’t treat your working space as a second-class accommodation — give it the importance it deserves. One important consideration is ensuring you can switch off when you’re not working. For this reason, it’s advisable you can shut the door on your office and “leave” work.
  2. Your Deserve a Throne! Save money where you can, but spend as much as you can afford on a decent chair — your back will thank you for it.
  3. You Can Never Have Enough Storage. A cluttered workplace is depressing. Your best bet for having a clear desk and tidy working environment is to have a place for everything.
  4. Create a Space you Enjoy Being In. Balance out the colors you’re using. If you love bright colors, use them! But offset them with some muted tones so that they’re not overly distracting.
  5. Shed Some Light! Task lighting for your desk area is essential, and even a couple of smaller lamps for mood lighting will make a difference. In addition to helping you avoid eye strain, light can improve your mood — just think what a difference some cheerful lamps will make when the winter nights draw in.

A great-looking, efficient office can be yours! Your office doesn’t have to be a place to just “go to work.” It’s your personal space and should reflect who you are.


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