There’s no question that a kitchen makeover including new cabinets can be expensive. How do you select the right quality for your budget? We do our best to find solutions for every budget, and always explain to customers the advantages of various products in different price points. For some of these recommendations, we look to the The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA). The KCMA is a voluntary, non-profit trade association representing North American cabinet manufacturers and suppliers to the industry.  They make recommendations and review kitchen cabinets.


The biggest variable when it comes to materials and price is not the door, but the “box” of the cabinets. It should it be plywood or furniture board (a type of particle board). KCMA says these two materials are mostly equal in performance, that the only area where furniture board scores lower is in screw strength. However, the way the cabinets we use at Cabinet World are designed, they never receive a screw, so it’s not an issue. We hear many customers say they must have plywood, but that can add significant cost to a project over furniture board. One reason customers might go with this is if they plan to install the kitchen themselves because it’s more lightweight. But honestly, not many of our customers install themselves, and even less choose plywood once we’ve shown them all the options.

One of the ways many of our customers get ideas for their kitchens (and other rooms in their homes) is through shows on HGTV.  These shows can be great for inspiration, but keep in mind that they often have sponsors and might be getting items at a fraction of the cost of what regular consumers would pay. Just something to keep in mind!


The most important thing in any project particularly in your own home, your personal space, is to find someone you can trust to advise you. How you want to distribute your budget is up to you in the end. Our designers can advise, show you options and walk you through what to expect from your kitchen on a timeline – cabinets built to last 10 years, 20 years, 40 years, etc. We often pair cabinets and counters that will last a similar amount of time, but in the end, we want you to have a kitchen that looks and functions exactly how you imagined it would! We’re here to give you what you want, the best way we possibly can.

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