When it comes to keeping things neat, sometimes it feels like you just cleaned up one room and it’s already a mess again. A few things to consider when sorting your belongings can make all the difference to keeping your home tidy and organized.

Personalized storage for your family in a way you'll actually want to use

Keep in mind what you’re organizing. One size does not fit all. Have a few different-sized bins on hand for sorting and storing. Now, small items won’t fall to the bottom of a larger container, never to be seen again until it’s emptied.

Incorporate your storage into your decor. Like keeping your mudroom both pretty and purposeful, your containers should look good. Not only will you want to use them, they will look like they belong in your space. Lined baskets and cloth bins or boxes are popular and inexpensive.

Consider using closed shelving in your design. If you don’t want baskets or bins on an open shelf, we can help you design your shelves with doors so you can close away the clutter. This is a great option if you want a clean look for your space.

Make sure everyone in the family has a designated area for their items. A great way to keep everything neat is by storing your family’s belongings in baskets or bins. That way you can tuck away the mess but still have everything close at hand. Label or color-code them so you don’t have to pull the baskets off the shelf to know whose is whose. There are so many stylish ways to label items from hanging tags to chalkboard stickers.

Place a container by the steps. At the end of the night, each person takes their basket with them when they go to bed then carries it down in the morning. This eliminates multiple trips up the stairs and there’s no excuse for items laying around at the end of the night. Color-code or label them like the storage items to keep them feeling like part of your decor.

Above all, keep your organization fun. Let us help you design a system that will help your family stay organized.

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