With the holidays approaching, every minute counts. There’s cleaning, cooking, gift wrapping, did we mention cleaning? We want guests to feel welcome and comfortable when they come over, so keeping your home neat and clutter-free during the holidays is a must. We understand that you don’t want to spend all day cleaning, though, and sometimes guests show up spur-of-the-moment, making you scramble to tidy up. Simply pay attention to these few areas that make your whole house feel cleaner and more inviting and stress less this holiday season!

Kitchen Counters and Floor
The old adage is true: everyone ends up in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you have cleaned and decorated other rooms of your house, when guests come over, the kitchen is where you congregate. A few extra minutes each day can make this room the focus of the party. Keep your countertops free of clutter and wiped clean after each meal or preparation. Wipe out your sink after each use, especially if water splashed up along the lip of the basin and onto the counter. Finally, sweep the floors each night or as you notice crumbs.

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The bathroom is another place that can either make or break your faux cleaning. Clutter on the counter can seem like you weren’t prepared for company, even if you weren’t! Keep the counter clear of makeup, toothbrushes, etc. Wipe off the counter, especially if there are watermarks, and check the sink to make sure it’s clean. Have a fresh set of towels handy and make sure there’s extra toilet paper in an easily accessible location for guests.

Even though everyone ends up in the kitchen, the entrance to your house is the first thing guests see. This is a crucial area to keep picked up so any drop in guests will feel welcome and comfortable the second they arrive! Have a coat rack with open hooks nearby or place extra hangers in your hall closet. Sort mail and papers daily as they arrive so they don’t pile up. Similarly, shoes, bags, and other items belonging to family members tend to get shed the second they walk in the door and never make it to their rightful places. Assign baskets to each family member for any loose items and have them put it all away at the end of each night. If company comes over, you can just grab the basket and move it to the proper room instead of trying to corral loose shoes!

It doesn’t have to take long to make your home holiday-ready. A few extra minutes of tidying each day will keep your house looking like you’re always ready for planned parties and casual company. If all else fails, light a scented candle and dim the lights!

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