Thanksgiving is this week and we couldn’t be more excited. Sometimes, though, we aren’t ready when it comes to decorating. Here are a few cute Thanksgiving-themed crafts that you and your kids can whip up in no time with items you already have around the house or your yard for a last-minute decorating touch.

Thankful Tree
This is a great project if you’re having Thanksgiving dinner at your house. First, draw the outline of a tree trunk and bare branches on a piece of paper. Then, cut out football-shaped pieces of paper to be the leaves using red, gold, and orange paper. Make sure they’re big enough to write a sentence! Ask guests and family members to write down what they’re thankful for at tack it to the tree with a little glue. Stick it in a frame and display. Now you have a memorable and decorative keepsake!

Glitter-dipped Leaves
These leaves are an elegant statement and they’re so simple to make!

DIY glitter leaf garland is so pretty for Thanksgiving!

Image via House of Jade and Boxwood Clippings

First, gather up some leaves. Decide if you want to hang your leaves or just scatter them. If you decide to hang them, punch a hole at the base of the leaf by the stem or wherever you’d want to add your hanger. Then, coat your leaf in Mod Podge or Elmer’s Glue and sprinkle liberally with glitter. Let dry, then add another coat of Mod Podge or glue to seal in the glitter. Dry completely and add a ribbon to hang. Since they’re real leaves, they will get crunchy after a few days. If you want these to last a few seasons, use artificial leaves from the dollar store or craft store.

Pine Cone Place Cards
Pine cones are a beautiful and natural addition to any Thanksgiving table. Gather up some pinecones and use a gentle touch to dust it off. We’ll be painting the pine cone, so we want a clean surface for application. Paint the tip of each arm with acrylic paint. Use colors that compliment your decor, the table, or the season. You can even make them ombre by starting with a lighter color and moving to a darker color throughout the length of the cone. Once the paint has dried, use the pine cone to prop up name cards at each place setting.

Thanksgiving place cards would look great propped against these pine cones!

Image via Whimzeecal

Crafting is a great way to relieve stress, especially before a holiday gathering! Have fun with these Thanksgiving DIYs that are easy, great for the kids, and add a handmade touch to your Thanksgiving festivities.

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