Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Did you see last week’s post with quick and easy Valentine’s decor ideas? If you’re still in a pink and red decorating mood, we have more ways for you to deck your home easily with Valentine’s Day decor ideas.

Valentine's Decor idea: painted heart via Clumsy Crafter

Image via Clumsy Crafter

Chain of Hearts
This one takes inspiration from last week’s heart wreath mixed with the heart garland. Create a paper chain! Cut about 24 strips of colored paper or scrapbook paper to 2” wide. Add or subtract strips of paper depending how long you want your chain to be. Use the same technique to create a heart as you did with the wreath: fold in half and secure the flaps together. Thread another piece of paper through the center of this heart, form a heart shape, and secure together. Repeat until your chain reaches the desired length.

Quick Valentine’s Wreath
Make a quick wreath using a styrofoam heart base or by bending a wire coat hanger into a heart shape and wrapping lengths of foam around the wire to give it some body. Glue pom poms, fake flowers, or tissue paper flowers all around the wreath. Loop a ribbon through the center of the heart to hang. That’s it!

Painted Heart
Get out our paint for this one! Find something you’d like to embellish with a heart: a length of burlap, a plain table runner, or some pretty paper to create a wall hanging. Cut a large heart shape out of thin cardboard (like what cereal boxes are made out of). Lay the heart down and use it as a template. Dip the eraser end of a pencil into red, pink, or white acrylic paint and create dots around the heart template. Remove the template and let dry.

Button Wall Art
If you have some extra buttons on hand, make some wall art! Using a canvas or even a painted shoe box lid, pencil in a design. Use the heart template from the Painted Heart idea above or create a series of canvases with the word LOVE, XOXO, or other Valentine’s phrases written out with a different letter on each canvas. Now fill in your design! Hot glue buttons until your design is completely covered and you can’t see canvas. Overlap buttons for a 3D effect. Let dry and hang.

How are you decorating for Valentine’s Day?

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