Do you have friends or family dropping by to visit with you or maybe even stay with you this holiday season? You’ll want to make sure that your home is in tip top shape – both in terms of function and in terms of style (you want to impress your guests, after all). One space that you should be sure to focus on is the bathroom. The following are a few renovations that you can make to your bathroom design that will improve its style and function.

Universal Design

Incorporating universal design into your bathroom is a great way to improve the safety and accessibility of the bathroom. This is something that you should consider if you plan on living in your home until your later years too. However, since you may have older relatives and friends come to visit you during the holidays, you should strongly consider introducing a few universal design elements into your bathroom now. For example, installing a grab bar in the bathtub or shower space will help reduce the chances of falling. You could also convert bathtubs into showers, if your guests may have difficulty getting in and out of a tub. A tub to shower conversion can sometimes be completed in as little as one day.

Improve the Lighting

Your guests aren’t going to feel very comfortable in a bathroom space that exhibits poor lighting. Make sure there’s plenty of light available, from the overhead fixture that provides general lighting to the fixtures flanking the bathroom mirror, which should provide the task lighting. Consider using LED lights in order to save energy as well as provide superior lighting. Improving the lighting also makes the space safer for those who can’t see very well.

Install New Cabinet Hardware

One of the easiest ways to spruce up the look of your bathroom is by replacing the hardware on your bathroom cabinets and drawers. You’ll be amazed by how much this simple change will transform your bathroom’s design.

Add Storage Space

You can never go wrong with too much storage space. Make sure that your guests have plenty of space to store their personal toiletries so that they don’t clutter up the counter space. Use vertical space to your advantage to help add more storage space without making the bathroom look more cluttered. You can also incorporate baskets into your space to help keep things separate.

Replace the Vanity

Is your bathroom beginning to show its age? You can replace your vanity and completely change the look of your bathroom. Your guests eye are typically drawn to the vanity first. There are many ways to customize your bathroom vanity. You can choose a different cabinet color, door and drawer style, faucet, sink, and countertop. If you need some ideas, stop by one of our three Kitchen & Bath Design Centers in the Pittsburgh area to see a variety of displays for yourself.

If you plan on inviting guests over for the holidays, whether it’s for one day or one week, you should be sure to prepare your bathroom design by considering these renovations. Whether you need assistance with one of these projects or a full bathroom remodel, give us a call to see how our experienced staff can complete your bathroom vision with our exclusive Personalized Design experience.

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