Spring is the perfect time to upgrade your home decor to breathe new life into your living space. It doesn’t have to take all day or a lot of time and effort. Just a few touches can make your room look like it was designed by a professional! Check out our tips and tricks for embracing the spring energy in your home.

Group things in odd numbers

When you are decorating, group things in odd numbers: three, five, or seven is best. Visually, it is most appealing. Think about arranging candles, pictures, and pillows in odd-numbered groups for a professional look every time.

Vary the height.

Another great trick for keeping groupings appealing and looking like a professional designed it is to vary the height of items. Throw a few differently sized pillows on the couch; we mean both shape and size here! Try to use candle holders of varying heights. Mix up the books on your shelf so your eye moves around around.

Add one bold color.

Focus on one color throughout the room. Bold punches make an impact when used purposefully. Carry the color your select throughout the room in the accents: pillows, candles, a throw blanket, easy artwork, etc. These accents are usually inexpensive and easy to find, but the effect is an immediate, chic upgrade.

Keep things monochromatic.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to accent your room with a bold color, keep things neutral. But neutral doesn’t mean boring! You can really go wild with texture and pattern here. Use a rug as a wall-hanging, experiment with different finishes on your artwork, or update your curtains with a new fabric.

Add a living element.

Freshly cut flowers and houseplants add that final missing element to any room. Houseplants great for helping the air quality in your home and fresh flowers add color, texture, and a softness to your room.

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