With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to think about creating a few contemporary additions to your holiday decor. These quick ideas will add a festive new touch to your decorations whether your home is mostly modern or has a cozy country style. They’re easy to pull together with items you already have around the house, too!

Image via Frugal Wife = Wealthy Life

Image via Frugal Wife = Wealthy Life

Mason Jar Luminaries. Mason jars are getting a lot of attention lately. They’re incredibly versatile and can be used anywhere from food storage to decorating. Pop pine or rosemary branches and a handful of cranberries into a mason jar and fill about two thirds of the way full with water. Then float a tealight on top. These would look great leading up to your front door or as a centerpiece on your holiday table.

Ornament Statement Pieces. We all have vases that just sit under the sink waiting to be filled with flowers. Why don’t you fill them with ornaments instead? Find a variety of ornaments in different sizes and colors (the dollar store is a great place to look if yours are already on your tree). Layer the ornaments into the vase and be sure to vary the size and color. Group in odd numbers on your table or wherever you need a little holiday cheer. This would work great with glass hurricanes and decorative bowls, too.

Wrap Your Cabinets. Add a little festive fun to your kitchen (or anywhere you have cabinet doors). Cut ribbon to twice the height of your door. Make sure you have enough to go all the way around the door and overlap in the back. Secure your ribbon loop with tape. Be sure to tape only the ribbon, not your cabinet door! Now, tie a bow onto the front of your cabinet door with coordinating ribbon or use the same ribbon you used to wrap the door. This would look great in a bathroom as well as a kitchen.

Festive Wine Bottles. With the holidays in full swing, there are probably a few empty wine bottles in your recycling bin. Give them a good wash and make sure they’re thoroughly dry. Then spray paint with gold, silver, green, red, or whatever you happen to have on hand. Wrap the neck with with ribbon and make a bow or use coordinating paint to spell out words like JOY or CHEER with your bottles, depending on how many you happen to have.

How do you add a quick festive flair to your holiday decorations?

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