Lighting sets the mood in any space, which makes it a crucial aspect of home design. One area where mood should be especially considered is the bathroom – the place many of us start the day. If you want to see your mornings change for the better, consider reevaluating the lighting in your bathroom. Unlike other home remodeling companies, we offer a Personalized Design™ experience that ensures those changes will match your vision. Because lighting can be adjusted to so many different effects, we’ll explore a few of them now.

Hard or Soft Lighting?

“Soft” is the term used for diffused light. Because it minimizes shadows and harsh lines, soft light encourages a more relaxed atmosphere. Direct, or “hard” light contours what it illuminates, giving a highlighted sense of texture. It’s important not to rely too heavily on one kind of light or the other: over-dominance of soft light can become dull-looking, while too much hard light could cast unattractively dark shadows across the bathroom. A balance of both kinds of lighting is ideal, and we can help you maintain it during each step of the remodeling process.

Warm or Cool Lighting?

Installed tastefully, colored lights can further hone the mood of your bathroom. Colors such as yellow, pink, or orange lend cozy warmth to the atmosphere, just as purple, green or blue have a visually cooling effect. Colored lights make wonderful accents in your bathroom, but should not be the primary source of illumination. If allowed to overpower more natural light, they can throw unflattering hues over skin tone and other facial features. This is something we will take into consideration during our Personalized Design experience.

Solemn or Cheerful Lighting?

Certain mellow colors can subdue the atmosphere while avoiding the monotone of simply ‘dimming the lights.’ If you’re looking for something a little more cheery, though, we can help you generate an active dynamic between light and shadow; reflection and diffusion. This is accomplished by utilizing higher levels of illumination along with the room’s edges and reflective surfaces.

Restful or Alert Lighting?

As the room where we begin and end the day, it may be difficult to choose the right mood. Diffusion is ideal for restful illumination, while focused light promotes alertness. However, with adjustable light fixtures – in brightness and position – you can hold onto the best of both worlds. As you make these kinds of decisions, we’d like to offer you advice backed by our years of kitchen and bath remodeling experience in the Pittsburgh area.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, personality is just as important a consideration as practicality, and every room in the house should reflect yours. That’s why we work with you – not just for you – until your home project is completed exactly the way you imagined it.

If you want to learn more about setting the mood in your bathroom, check out these six ways to add personality to your bathroom, or these considerations for the best bathroom layout. Make sure you know how to layer lighting in your kitchen, too.

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