We design your project with you—not for you, because it’s yours—not ours. The exclusive Cabinet World Personalized Design experience consists of three phases to help you get the kitchen or bathroom you’ve been dreaming of.



Why is our visit to your home so important?

In the comfort of your own home it’s much easier to visualize, feel and discuss the differences between possible solutions. This leads to less confusion and greater efficiency which saves you valuable time. Before our designer leaves your home, your personalized project, in your investment range, will become real. All that is left to do is to see your project visually and make final decisions on details.

A home visit gives our designer an opportunity to see how you use your home. For example, which entrance do you usually use to enter your house? How does the traffic flow and which way do you get to the basement or go upstairs, etc.?

A site visit can prevent any hidden or unforeseen surprises. It gives us the opportunity to talk intelligently about your installation, remodeling, electrical, plumbing, and appliance needs, including the investment required.



Choosing your product

While choosing the right product is very important, too often product selection becomes the first step and the main objective in kitchen and bath projects. This is the opposite of our Personalized Design approach.

You will see all of the options and possibilities in one of our three conveniently located showrooms, where you can experience our complete kitchen and bathroom product selections, and examine the construction and the finishes on our cabinetry.

All of our stock and custom cabinetry is American made by well-known manufacturers such as Wellborn in Ashland, Alabama, Wood Mode in Kreamer, Pennsylvania and Kountry Wood Product in Nappanee, Indiana. Our cabinets are professionally made. They are not a foreign made ready to assemble kit. Cabinetry is furniture, not lumber or building materials.



Personalized Design is a creation that needs the same attention to complete your project as the special time and combined input that was used to create it.

The designer backed up by a team of professionals will be there to make your personalized creation come true.

  • Your designer has worked with you to get it right
  • Our Technical Department is a second set of eyes that reviews your project
  • A professional expert secures accurate measurements
  • A project manager will oversee completion

Call us today or visit one of our three Kitchen & Bath Design Centers to learn how Personalized Design will work for you.


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