Remodeling your bathroom and can’t decide which bathroom vanity design is best for you? You aren’t alone. The vanity is one of the main pieces of your bathroom in terms of both aesthetics and function, so it’s a huge decision to make. Plus, the sheer amount of choices available can make many people feel overwhelmed. The key in finding the perfect bathroom vanity is to narrow down your choices by figuring out what you want. Following these four simple steps can help you do just that.

1. Know the Size

Measure the area where you want to place your vanity, and make note of that number. When designing a vanity, it helps to have a range of two to three inches, such as 20 to 23 inches. The larger number should be the maximum capacity of your desired space. Our team members will look at your vanity options and narrow it down to those which are an appropriate size for you.

2. Consider Cabinet Space

A vanity’s cabinet space can include underneath the sink, a medicine cabinet mounted to the wall, as well as other options. You might prefer to have no cabinet space, or may desire as much as you can get. Deciding this can help to narrow down your options.

3. Decide on a Style

If your vanity will be your starting point for your bathroom décor, you can choose two or three styles you enjoy to begin with. If you need it to match your vanity to your toilet or shower, we will have an option for that. A few examples of design styles include traditional, transitional, eclectic, contemporary, and formal.

4. Decide on a Color

Choosing a color that either fits your current bathroom theme or one that you enjoy will finish creating your shortlist. Pick at least one color, but no more than three. With the options remaining, you will be able to choose the perfect vanity for your bathroom.

Using the four steps above, you can successfully narrow down your potential bathroom vanity design. By doing so,  you can choose the piece that best fits your personality, preferences, and bathroom theme.

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