Kitchens are functional and fashionable spaces. Many homeowners are moving to contemporary, modern designs. Clean designs must be intentional; a minimal look must still impart great style without being too fussy. Here are a few details from a recent Cabinet World renovation that made this kitchen pop.

The focal point of the kitchen is the back splash behind the stovetop. It makes the room feel fresh and clean. It also pulls the eye up and makes the space feel large and airy. Another element here that invites you to look up is the modern hood over the stovetop. It’s simple lines make this functional piece feel harmonious with the design. Additionally, this sleek look ensures that it doesn’t compete with the back splash directly behind it. When you walk into this kitchen, you still see the back splash first.

Modern back splash offers a unique counter point to this warm kitchen remodel.

Another beautifully modern detail is the pure white cabinetry installed right against the ceiling. It opens up the space and keeps the modern feel of the kitchen in place. The homeowners added simple moulding to the space between the cabinetry and ceiling. By framing the cabinets with this moulding and placing them right against the ceiling, it creates one line around the entire ceiling. This is a modern touch and an effect you don’t get if the cabinets are staggered.

Finally, stainless steel is used throughout the kitchen. It offers a contemporary look and fits with the modern theme. The stove hood and other appliances are stainless steel. Also, the drawer pulls and handles are stainless steel. They also are slightly larger than typical handles. This adds another level of modern detail to the room in a subtle way.

Modern back splash, subway tiles, and stainless steel appliances make for a modern yet inviting kitchen.

Modern back splash, subway tiles, and stainless steel appliances make for a modern yet inviting kitchen.

Keeping your design contemporary and clean is easy as long as you are intentional with the elements in your design. Make one thing the main focus and keep the rest of the design simple and clean.

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