It’s true what they say, everyone ends up in the kitchen when you throw a party. It’s the most inviting room in your house and a natural gathering spot for your friends and family when you entertain at home.

This Pittsburgh kitchen space is a wonderful recent renovation. Natural light opens up the room and creates the perfect ambiance as an entertaining hub of the house. The antique white cabinets contrast nicely with warm tones in the counter tops and other accents throughout. These warmer elements add to the home’s easy charm.

When designing your kitchen, it’s best to stick with a few cohesive elements as we’ve done here. With all of the options available, it’s easy to add too many details, making your design cluttered and busy. Just a few unexpected elements, like the hammered copper sink basin which we’ll feature in an upcoming post, make these unique accents stand out instead of getting lost.

This is a warm, inviting room perfect for entertaining. There’s enough space for everyone to gather and plenty of charm to invite people into this entertaining kitchen.


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