With winter months coming up, it’s not too late to start to prepare your home for slushy shoes and wet raincoats. A mudroom is the perfect landing space for your family’s belongings after a long day’s work. With a few simple tricks, we can turn your mudroom into a space that’s a functional and family-friendly command center.

Mudrooms are the perfect landing place for your family’s belongings after a long day. Make sure it’s a space you’ll use with these awesome tips!

  1. Keep Every Family Member’s Things Together. You may want to store all of the out of season items together, but we suggest storing based on family member. It will make it easier to keep track of their items when they’re in one spot. Designate a color-coded bin or basket for each person.
  2. Keep Track of Important Items with Slots for Each Person. Since the mudroom is the spot you see first when coming and going, it’s the perfect place to keep items that can’t be forgotten. We can design each cubby with a magazine rack for each family member’s area for them to slip important papers and other items they carry with them daily. It’ll be easy to grab and go each morning.
  3. Have a Sole Spot for Shoes. If you live in a particularly wet area (like Pittsburgh tends to be!), be sure to plan a zone just for shoes in your custom designed mudroom. Think about boot trays with lips to catch any melting snow and salt. Get your family in the habit of cleaning off their shoes and parking them there to dry when they come inside.
  4. Add Some Personality. Don’t let function overshadow style! Make this an area of your house you actually want to use daily. Paint a section of wall with chalkboard paint and leave messages to family members. Brighten it up with some unexpected colors. Find unique hooks for each family member’s space. Design your mudroom with decorative details like the rest of your house so it blends in beautifully.

A mudroom is the perfect area to keep your home clean and your family organized. When you have it planned out in a way that makes it easy for you to get out of the door in the morning, it may just be your favorite place in your home.

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