Office spaces are hard to keep clean and organized with the mountain of paper clutter that can accumulate. Between bills, notes, and other important papers, there is always the risk of clutter. With our quick tips, you can keep your office tidy and organized at all times.


Go paperless. One of the easiest things you can do to combat the daily influx of paper in your office is to go paperless. Most companies already offer this making it easy for you to pay bills online and eliminating the need for envelopes, stamps, and extra paper laying around. Not only do you save space, you save some green – postage and trees!

Digitalize your important documents. After you have signed up for paperless bills, the next step is to scan documents that you may want on hand but don’t need to keep a hard copy of, such as bills that you have received in the last year before you went paperless and receipts. Don’t bother doing this with manuals; most information can be found on your item’s website. Then shred or recycle what you no longer need to keep around your office.

Have an action system in place. Have a plan for how you’ll address future paper clutter in your office. Will you start using an app-based task manager to eliminate scrap paper notes? Will you immediately scan receipts into your computer or wait until the end of the week to process everything at once? Having a plan in place will help you stay on top of your office paper problem.

Keeping your office neat  and organized will help you save time during the day and make it easy for you to find important documents easily. Start by reducing paper clutter – it eliminates the majority of time spent looking for important files and keeps things clean.

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