As the seasons change and you get ready to pull out the boots and sweaters, why not give your closet a makeover this Fall! Walking into an organized and well designed closet makes it so much easier, and faster, to get dressed each day.

At Cabinet World, we specialize in dressing suites and walk-in closets that blend organization and style

A great walk-in closet or dressing room combines a practical closet system with great design. With personalized organization you don’t have to compromise with an off-the-shelf closet system. We can design a space custom suited to your needs and your wardrobe.

Do you ever find yourself running late because you just can’t find what you’re looking for? Shoes and purses have nowhere to hide with a closet organization system from Cabinet World! Semi-custom pieces from Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. create a place for everything in an easy-to-organize system.

Functional is not bland. The closets and dressing suites we’ve designed prove that. Beautiful hardwoods with velvet and chrome accessories carry the look of fine cabinetry to your walk-in closet or dressing suite.

Older homes, which are common in the Pittsburgh area, often have small closets. If you have an extra room that is under utilized as an office or guest room, why not consider turning it into an amazing walk in closet and dressing room – as space that you’ll use every day, multiple times a day!

Cabinet World on Pinterest

Check out our Pinterest boards for tons of inspirational closet images, then give us a call to work on a customized design just for you.



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