Kitchen and bathroom renovations often make the best home investments. Whether opting for a complete or partial remodel, updated cabinets add value and character. There are many factors to consider when selecting new cabinetry such as what door style, material, finish, and functionality will work best to create the space of your dreams. Our professional design team will help you with every step of the cabinet selection process during our exclusive Personalized Design experience. Below are some of the decisions our team will help you make when selecting new kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Cabinet Functionality

While style is important, functionality is even more significant. The first step in our exclusive Personalized Design experience is a visit to your home which gives your designer an opportunity to see how you use your home and conclude how the space can be designed to make your life easier. For example, which entrance do you usually use to enter your house? How does the traffic flow in the space? If you’re choosing kitchen cabinetry, do you have a lot of spices and would you benefit from a built-in spice rack? Do you bake a lot and need storage space for big pots and pans? Do you want to keep trash receptacles out-of-sight? We consider questions like these and more to make your overall space and cabinetry work for you.

Cabinet Doors

When it comes to a kitchen or bathroom remodel, cabinet doors create one of the biggest statements. Cabinet doors can come in a variety of overlay options including full overlay, traditional overlay, or inset. Doors also come in a variety of styles such as arched, cathedral, raised, recessed, flat panel, or square. If you wish to have accent cabinet doors, decorative glass, wood, and mullion doors options are available to make your cabinetry uniquely yours! The second step of the Personalized Design experience is a Design Center consultation at one of our three conveniently-located Kitchen & Bath Design Centers in the Pittsburgh area. During this step of the process, you will be able to experience all of the options and possibilities available in our complete kitchen and bathroom product selections as well as examine their durable construction.

Cabinet Materials

Cabinets come in many materials including but not limited to popular wood choices such as Cherry, Maple, Oak, and Hickory, as well as cost-effective medium density fiberboard. These materials have very different looks and come in many different finish options, some of which are listed below. Our cabinetry is professionally made right here in the USA by well-known manufacturers such as Wellborn in Ashland, Alabama, Wood Mode in Kreamer, Pennsylvania and Kountry Wood Product in Nappanee, Indiana.

Cabinet Finish

The selection of your cabinet finish is essential to designing a space that creates the overall style you are looking for, whether you want a traditional, rustic, formal, or casual room. Cabinet finishes come in various shades of grays, blues, whites, beiges, greens, browns, and even reds. Our professional staff will help you decide what color will look best in your space and if the best finish type for your lifestyle would be stain, paint, or even glaze.

Cabinet Hardware

Hardware functions as the icing on the cake because it can show your personality. Cabinet hardware also helps establish the style of the space, as drawer and door pulls and knobs can be distinctly Traditional, Contemporary, Rustic, Farmhouse, or even Artistic. Our team will make recommendations as to what hardware will work best for you and look great in your space. Our Kitchen & Bath Design Centers have various cabinet hardware displays that you can browse to see all of the possibilities.

Starting a kitchen remodel or bath remodel project may seem intimidating, but our Personalized Design experience will make the process a breeze. Our staff of professional designers have the know-how and expertise to bring your kitchen & bath dreams to reality. Visit one of our Design Centers or request your free consultation to get started!

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