With summer in full swing, there are a few things you can do to update your mudroom so it’s a more functional space for you and your family. The tips we shared in our post, Make the Most of your Mudroom, absolutely still apply, but your mudroom can and should change with the seasons. Here are a few additional steps to make the most of your mudroom this summer.

Mudrooms are the perfect landing place for your family's belongings after a long day. Make sure it's a space you'll use with these awesome tips!

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Refocus and refresh. Take a look around at all of the things that you’re storing in your mudroom. Can any of them be moved to another area of the house? Things like gloves, salt, and other winter-time items you still have stored in your mudroom are taking up valuable real estate. Refocus your attention to make the most of this space for summer items like beach bags, pool toys, and sports equipment.

Update your storage. After you’ve decided which items you want to keep in your mudroom command center, update your storage needs for these items. Things like soft-sided bins and laundry baskets make great corrals for bulky items. Smaller baskets store sun screen, sun glasses, and neatly folded beach towels. You can even have cubbies and slots built in for you when you design your mudroom so you don’t have to think about where to put these items; we’ve already done it for you.

Restock. Every time you wash your beach towels or replenish your stock of sun screen, make sure it goes back to its proper place in your mudroom area so you are prepared the next time you leave for a summer adventure. Bonus: you’ll never think to yourself, “Did I remember the first aid kit?” because it’ll already be in your bag ready to go.

Your mudroom should be updated as the seasons change so you can make your family’s command center work for you rather than against you. A mudroom is the perfect place to keep belongings that you always need as you’re headed out the door so you save time and don’t stress this summer!

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