When we think of February, we think of Cupid. Along with Cupid comes Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day decor. Show your home a little love this year by getting crafty with our quick Valentine’s Day decorating ideas.

Valetine's Day vase decorating with pink and red candy

Photo via Evolution of Style Blog

Pink and Red Candy Vase
There’s something very fresh and bright about flowers in the wintertime. Brighten up a clear glass vase with some festive chocolate candies. For this, you’ll need two vases, one small enough to fit inside the other with a little extra room around the edges. Pour a few candies in the bottom of the large vase, then nestle a small vase on top. Evenly pour the rest of the candies around the edge until they’re almost even with the lip of the small vase. Now fill the small vase with whatever flowers you get on Valentine’s Day.

Quick Heart Garland
If you don’t have enough hearts in your decor, make a quick garland. Cut a few lengths of ribbon, twine, or yarn and cut an even amount of hearts from plain or patterned scrapbook paper. Place glue on the wrong side of one heart and sandwich the string between another heart. You can also use this as a photo hanger and pin pictures of your Valentine to the garland.

Valentine’s Heart Wreath
Get crafty with your Valentine’s-colored scrapbook paper. Cut about 12 strips of scrapbook paper approximately 12” x 2”. Double the amount if you want your hearts to be double-sided. Glue the strips together if you choose the double-sided wreath. Fold the strips in half so you have a large V-shaped piece of paper. Bend the flaps down and glue together to form the top of a heart. Once your hearts are made, glue them together into a wreath. Loop some festive ribbon through the wreath and hang.

Rustic Wrapped Candles
Show your plain candles a little love. Wrap them in twine or burlap, securing the ends with a dab of hot glue. Attach felt hearts, faux flowers, or other Valentine’s-themed accents to each candle. Be careful of how low the candle burns; do not leave these unattended.

How are you decorating for Valentine’s Day?

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