Modern, clean, and warm don’t seem to go together very often. That is the style this family was going for when they remodeled their kitchen with Cabinet World. Their space got a major style upgrade without sacrificing clean lines or inviting warmth.

This kitchen design blends warm and modern seamlessly, making it an inviting space.

A great way to achieve this style combination is to mix materials, which we’ve done throughout the room. The largest space that offers a natural finish is the kitchen island. The hard wood butcher block side offers a warm counterpart to the granite counter used on the other side and throughout the room. The wood-look tile used on the floor also is a contrasting point and adds a natural texture and feel to the room. Finally, the richer, warmer color used in the cabinetry in the island offsets it from the white facing in the rest of the room.

The butcher block counter is adds a great, warm element into this modern kitchen design.

Modern back splash offers a unique counter point to this warm kitchen remodel.

The modern aesthetic comes in with clean lines and bright colors. Most noticeable is the cabinetry. The homeowners chose a clean white style with sleek stainless steel handles and drawer pulls. The same fixtures are used on the island cabinetry to carry the modern look throughout the room. This also ties the warmth of the island into the modern feel of the cabinet design. Finally, the tile back splash is a bold, modern statement.


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