The new year and new decade are well underway! What better time to revamp your home? Find the latest trends to inspire your bathroom remodel in 2020 right here! No matter what your bathroom design goals, our staff of experienced designers can bring them to life thanks to our Personalized Design experience.

Vintage Comeback—Brass & Gold

Brass and gold finishes are back on top and successfully add a luxe feel to your bathroom. There are several ways that we can help incorporate these metals in your space. For example, updating your sink and shower plumbing will make a statement. You could also replace your current cabinetry hardware with metal pulls. If you’d like to see these options in person, you can browse through hundreds of options at one of our Pittsburgh-area showrooms.

Bringing Nature In

Nature lovers will love this design trend that is on the rise! Whether you choose to go all out with this direction or add subtle elements to the design of your bathroom, natural patterns and colors is a big trend this year. The style can be achieved by incorporating wood into your décor, such as replacing your cabinetry with a custom vanity that features a natural-wood finish. You could also build a full wall of greenery or simply add a few potted plants to the windowsill.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are big this year and they can be a fun way to bring personality into your space. From geometrical and traditional mirrors, to one-of-a-kind vintage mirrors, to asymmetrical designs—the options abound. A mirror can serve as a focal point that can lift your bathroom design. There are also many back lit mirrors on the market that allow for optimal lighting without taking away from the design of the mirror.

Accent Wall

This trend is carrying strong into 2020. A way to highlight your vanity or your tub, accent wall additions can completely transform your space. Bold, bright colors are in and they can go a long way stylistically. Consider materials like marble, natural wood, brick, mosaic tile, a tile arrangement, or a snazzy wallpaper to use on your accent wall.

Or, if your bathroom remodel includes updating your floors, our team can assist you with designing from the ground up. Creating a statement floor tile design can be a more subtle way to add impact to your bathroom. A floor with a graphic tile arrangement paired with a neutral bathroom design makes a statement with a pop of pattern or color.

Freestanding Tubs

This trend is a timeless addition to any bathroom. As freestanding tubs are on the rise in popularity, there are tons of great choices. From classic claw-foot tubs to curvy, modern sleek tubs, our staff can with with you to pick which style works best for your space.

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be just another space in your home. Adopting some of these style tips in your home can revolutionize your current bathroom and bring it up to style for the New Year.

Next, check out what considerations should be made to ensure your bathroom has the best layout possible. You could find out a few ways to add personality to your bathroom as well.

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