If there’s one place in everyone’s house that could always use a little extra space, it’s the bathroom. Too often, this safe haven of self-care can feel just a bit cramped. The reason why is simple, and it may not be what you think. A lot of people blame the issue of too little space in the bathroom on too many occupants, but that isn’t always the case.

More often, the trouble lies not in people, but things. We store so much in the bathroom – toiletries, cosmetics, jewelry, linen, medicine, and cleaning supplies, just to name a few. All of those things take up space that should be used by you and your family or guests.

So, what’s the solution?

You could just remove those items from the bathroom, but that hardly seems practical. You could also choose to remodel the whole room, which some have certainly done to their great satisfaction. And, if that is the solution you’d like to see in your bathroom, we’re ready to help you with it. We offer a variety of services, and through our Personalized Design experience, we also ensure the end result matches your vision.

There are a multitude of other ways you can free up the space in your bathroom. Some of these you’ll be able to implement straight away, and others might take a little more time and effort. In either case, just remember: if you ever need a helping hand, don’t be afraid to give us a call. We want to assist you in any way that we can.

Bathroom Cabinetry

First, let’s have a look at the cabinets. They’re a staple feature of any modern bathroom, and often one of the largest. There’s good reason for that, too: cabinets were made for storage, and we already know the bathroom is storage central. This makes your bathroom cabinetry your number one asset in maximizing bathroom space, so be sure to make the most of it.

For instance, you can avoid clutter by better organizing the items in your bathroom cabinets. A neat trick for accomplishing this is to place baskets, tubs, or even miniature shelves within your cabinet. This will minimize your unused space and maximize your storage capacity.

Another way to make the most of your cabinetry involves the cabinet doors. These surfaces can be used to the fullest if you install magnet strips, small shelves, or even baskets on them. By placing these items on the inside of a cabinet door, you transform it from a simple barrier into a storage opportunity.

If you don’t have any cabinets in the bathroom at all, now is the perfect time to have quality, space-efficient cabinetry installed. For more information on purchasing high quality cabinets that are affordable, don’t hesitate to give us a call or pay a visit to one of our Pittsburgh-area Kitchen & Bathroom Design Centers. In the meantime, why not check out our bathroom gallery for some cabinet inspiration? There are a multitude of designs that are both elegant and space efficient.

When planning your bathroom remodel, we’ll help you consider the design of the cabinet that’s best for you. Some designs are particularly effective at maximizing bathroom space. There are also specialty cabinetry options that can help you with your organization, such as cabinets specifically designed for hair tools. Our team of professional designers know all of the options that are available and will help assess your needs during the Personalized Design experience.


Like cabinets, shelves provide the perfect place to keep your personal items and extra supplies. However, shelves possess a few unique features that set them apart from cabinetry to make them especially useful in maximizing bathroom storage capacity.

The first of these would be that shelves remain unenclosed, leading to a freer feeling atmosphere in the room. Another is that because shelves need less space to complete their purpose, they are more versatile. For example, the area just above the bathroom door normally goes unused and neglected. You could install either a cabinet or shelf there and have the same results in terms of storage capacity. Another prime location for shelves would be around the toilet. This bathroom appliance is notorious for creating awkward space that’s difficult to use, but short-length floating shelves on either side can alter the situation significantly. In fact, shelves of that nature would create a neat, unobtrusive place to store extra toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

As we continue to think about the endless storage opportunities that shelves present, let’s not forget to consider the vast array of shelving types that exist. Each one has a style of its own and a new set of possibilities to explore. Ladder shelves, for example, are extremely adaptable to any situation or function. The trick is how simple their basic design is – a leaning ladder frame or a free-standing a-frame – and the variety of features which can be added to either one of these. Besides uniform or tiered shelves, you might find a ladder shelf with pegs, hooks, and/or hanging baskets. The combinations are endless, making ladder shelves a great selection for anyone hoping to blend utility with style. They’re also a popular choice for homeowners hoping to add a farmhouse look or rustic touch to their bathroom. If that’s a hope you happen to share, you’ll want to read up on the inspiration behind the Modern Farmhouse design.

Or, if you’re hoping for convenience over stylistic statements, you may be better off with an over-the-door hanging shelf. These require absolute minimal effort to install, and once they’re in place these shelves make full use of that narrow niche behind the door.

Wall Hooks, Pegs, and Baskets

If you don’t want to try any of the options above, you could try hooks, pegs, or hanging baskets. Or a combination of all three! So long as you position these small storage devices thoughtfully around the bathroom, they’re sure to add utility and flair.

Take wall hooks, for instance. These are most commonly used for hanging towels, so keeping them near the shower or sink will bring you the greatest benefit. It’s a similar story for pegs, although – since they are sometimes used for hanging jewelry – a spot near the mirror would do nicely as well.

Hanging baskets take a little more consideration, though in general you would place these wherever you would have otherwise installed a shelf. The main difference between the shelf and the basket (other than shape) is that baskets do not have to be permanently affixed to the wall. Many baskets are actually designed to hang from a nail on a chain or thin rope. This makes the basket interchangeable, and as a result the overall storage in your bathroom becomes adaptable to your varying needs.

Organize the Space You Have

This is the most straight-forward principle you can implement towards maximizing bathroom storage. We all know that a jumble of things will normally take up more space than a tidy collection of the same exact things. In other words, a messy bathroom means less space for you and a tidy one means more space.

Applying this principle involves a little cleaning, but that’s the best part. Transforming mess into tidiness isn’t a very technical process, so you can do it any time you like, any way you like. All you really need is an eye for space management and some patience. You could use a few caddies/baskets to help you stay organized, but neither are strictly necessary. At the end of the day, organization is in your hands.

Think Outside the Room

As you try out various space management tactics, don’t forget that you’re not trapped in the current dimensions of your bathroom. If no quick fix is meeting your homeowner needs, don’t be afraid to remodel your bathroom. You need room to relax and take care of yourself. You don’t need to waste your time competing with your belongings for space.

Tell us about It!

Thinking about using one of these ideas? Wait! Get a ‘Before’ pic of your bathroom first. Then, once your bathroom reaches the ‘After’ stage, snap a photo again. Post both to Facebook or Instagram and tag Cabinet World PA to let us see it! We can’t wait to have a look at your great storage ideas and creative transformations of space!

For more inspiration in updating your bathroom, learn about the first step in updating your bathroom. You could also try one of these 6 Ways to Add Personality to your Bathroom.

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