Your household’s kitchen is distinctly yours, and should reflect your unique lifestyle. Personalizing this well-trafficked room in your room will make spending time in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. Your kitchen can fit your lifestyle better with innovative storage solutions. 

Who couldn’t use more efficient storage in their kitchen? The place for cooking meals, doing homework after school, a gathering place for parties and family time – the kitchen serves many purposes. Equip your kitchen to operate at its best with sufficient storage and organization solutions.

Custom storage will look differently in every home and our team knows that not everyone uses their kitchens in the same way. During our Personalized Design experience, one of our professional designers will meet with you within your home to observe how you use the space. That observation will give them important insight into what storage features you may benefit from. We will then come up with a design that will make the most of every nook and cranny in your space. Don’t underestimate how much easier your daily life can be with the power of a high-performing kitchen.

We’ve compiled a few of our tips and latest features available in custom kitchen cabinetry that can make your space more efficient for you!

Add a Spice Rack or Drawer

Save yourself time and energy from searching through a cabinet full of spices looking for that one single container of Rosemary by installing a spice rack or drawer in your kitchen.

A flat drawer offers easy visibility to its contents while a vertical spice rack can be a great solution if space is a little tight. A vertical spice rack can also be installed on the side of the stove for easy access while cooking.

Not sure which one to go with? No stress! Our team of designers will talk through what will work best for your home and your needs.

Magic Corner Storage

There are plenty of options for gaining access to otherwise wasted space in the corners of your kitchen whether you install a lazy susan or a “smart” corner with pull-out shelves. These are great places for keeping large pots and pans, small appliances, or pantry items. These shelves tuck away into your cabinets when not in use, and offer increased organization and easy access.

This corner space often occurs in peninsula kitchen layouts. This kitchen layout has a “connected island,” which creates a U-shape layout. Typically, the peninsula divides the kitchen from a living or dining area.

The Magic Corner System shown above will save you from having to get on your hands and knees to reach its farthest depths. This feature has two storage shelves that pull out of the corner to you in one fluid motion.

Use a Dish Drawer

Dish drawers are a great way for keeping your dinnerware organized, while offering easy access to anyone in the home – young or old. Dish drawers offer convenient reach and place less strain on your neck and back as opposed to reaching up into a dish cabinet.

Another thing that so many people face is the nuisance of keeping plastic food containers organized. Matching lids with the correct base can be the biggest hassle. Dish drawers can be a great solution for organizing plastic food containers as well, keeping each size and according lid in their own cubbies.

Organize Those Pots

If you’re tired of digging through stacked pots in your cabinets, go for a hanging pot storage system. It simply hangs your pots by the handle, and this system pulls out of your cabinet, so the pots hung in the back can be easily reached.

These systems make it easy to store multiple pots, pans, and the lids without the need for stacking them. A cabinet pot rack is also great for keeping pots and pans out of sight.

Pots and pans drawers are another option for your kitchen. These convenient drawers offer you the ability to easily organize and keep track of what’s in your space. With a smooth roll-out feature for the drawer, you’re able to easily access everything – even the pots in the very back.

Bring In an Appliance Lift

Appliance lifts within your cabinetry are a great way to store heavy appliances like blenders, slow cookers, and mixers. Many people leave these appliances on the counter simply because it’s too heavy or inconvenient to lift from a cabinet, but appliance lifts offer an ability for these to be hidden away, while still accessible. Free counter space and save yourself the strain on your back. These great solutions make it easy and simply to access appliances since there is no heavy lifting involved.

Just pulling on the appliance lift shelf raises the shelf to counter height with little effort. When you’re done using it, release the safety and slide it back down into the cabinet.

Store Away Small Appliances

Keeping countertops clear makes all the difference in the kitchen. Having a place to tuck away smaller appliances like microwaves, coffee makers, and toasters not only offers a cleaner kitchen look, but frees up space for prep work when cooking meals. Consider installing an appliance garage – these cabinets can look different depending on your style. An option is for your appliance garage to have rollup fronts that retract like a garage door, hiding appliances from eyesight after use. Other options for the front of your garage are cabinet doors that open top-down or swing-out cabinet doors.

Appliance garages often sit on countertops, as an extension of upper cabinets, but can also be installed in kitchen pantries.

If your kitchen is full of small appliances, considering dedicating an entire cabinet as an appliance garage. Shelves of varying heights can store your smaller appliances altogether, while also offering convenient storage for things like coffee mugs and supplies.

Appliance garages can be a great place to tuck away a kitchen coffee bar or beverage station.

Roll Out Those Utensil Drawers

Keep sight lines open by clearing off your countertops. Your kitchen cabinetry can include creative storage solutions to help you accomplish this.

Drawer organizers are a great way to create a space for each of your kitchen utensils. Having a compartment for each group of things will encourage everyone in the household to put it back in the correct place after each use.

Keeping knives in a safe location is extremely important for household safety. Knives on the counter can be easily grabbed or knocked over. A smart alternative is a knife drawer. These sharp objects will be tucked away safely in their own drawer, giving you peace of mind. This solution also may mean more counter space for you as it’s an alternative to the traditional knife block that sits on many kitchen counters.

If you’re going for a knife drawer, add a chopping block beside it. Chopping blocks can be installed right into your counter or island and can pull out when needed and tuck away after use. The chopping block can also serve as a handy landing space when your countertops are full and you’re in a pinch!

Tuck Away the Garbage & Recycling

The kitchen garbage can be an eyesore within a space. A separate pullout drawer for garbage, recycling, and compost is the way to go to keep the garbage organized and out of the way. Use different colors to distinguish each bin.

Pets may be tempted to get into exposed garbage if they smell bits and pieces of food. A hidden trash can removes the risk of your pets rummaging through and keeps the smells and sight of food away from the furry members of the family. For suggestions on how to incorporate your pets into your kitchen, take a look at our blog post Creating a Pet-Friendly Area in Your Kitchen.

The pull-out trash can storage solution has other benefits as well. It often has spaces for two bins – one for recycling and one for trash. This can be a terrific feature for teaching kids how to recycle and making the process easy for them to do.

This system offers many benefits, such as its seamless integration that puts your mess out of sight and out of mind, but still within reach for easy clean up.

Make the Most of Under the Sink Space

An area in your kitchen where space may be wasted is under the sink. Storing cleaning supplies, extra paper towels, dishwasher soap, and more there can create a space of clutter. With this pull-out drawer system, your space under the sink will stay organized and the contents within will be easy to reach. No more digging into the back corners for that extra sponge or trash bag!

Another fun feature that can be added is the sink tip-out tray for holding sponges. These trays live directly beneath the sink cabinet surface. They “tip-out” and offer a storage tray for placing sponges and scrub brushes when they’re not in use. Placing sponges out of eyesight creates a cleaner look, but keeps them close by and in reach when needed. These trays can be lined with absorbent materials that can be washed and reused to keep the area clean and sanitary for storing sponges.

Install Wine Storage

Get organized with a built-in wine rack in your kitchen. This stylish feature not only offers storage, but looks elegant in your home.

Wine storage can look different in every home. Maybe you’re looking for individual shelves for each bottle, or a traditional wine rack, or perhaps a mini fridge for chilling wine bottles in your kitchen.


Whatever your needs are, our team can create the best solution for your home and the look of your space.

Incorporate Pet Solutions

When renovating or building your new kitchen, don’t forget your four-legged friends!

The same system we mentioned above for a pullout drawer with bins can be utilized for storing dog food as shown above. Pullout food and water bowls, as well as treat storage can also be built into your kitchen cabinetry. A pullout dog bowl drawer is the perfect for stowing away bowls once their meals are over!Check out our blog where we delve deeper into Creating a Pet-Friendly Area in Your Kitchen. Your pets’ safety is always important, but especially during a kitchen remodel. Take a look at our tips for keeping pets safe during a remodel here.

With a large selection of creative storage solutions, your kitchen cabinetry can include a combination of unique options to help make day-to-day kitchen use more accessible.

Call us today at 800-221-3013 or request a consultation here to learn about these solutions and how they may be a good fit for you.

Are you ready to make the most of your kitchen space by bringing in creative storage solutions? These custom storage options are just a taste of the many amazing choices available to personalize your kitchen. Take a look at our Creative Storage solutions page to see more and be sure to visit one of our Kitchen & Bath Design Centers today to learn more about the possibilities!

Storage in the kitchen involves many different considerations. Check out how to Master the Three Zones of Kitchen Storage and How to Select Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets to learn more about what cabinet solutions and Kitchen Layout is best for your home.

Have you been asking yourself – is it time to remodel my kitchen? We have the answers for you. From learning about budgeting a new kitchen to wondering what works best for a family kitchen, our team is there to answer your questions and guide you every step of the way. In the meantime, check out our thoughts on The FAQs of Kitchen Remodel!

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